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  • Printed & Stretched Canvas

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    Personalized Canvas Prints 


    Custom Printed & Stretched Canvases are the hottest new trend in home decor, we can produce many sizes, from a small 12" x 12" square to a giant 36" x 48" canvas, great for decorating your home or office. We stretch and mount your canvas on 1-1/2" high-quality wood frames.


    • Choose the perfect size for you ranging from 12”x12” to 48”x48”
    • Customizable edge wrap options: 
      • Black, white, mirror, full
    • Upload your artwork and view the proof immediately 
    • Give your photos the appearance of fine gallery artwork!
    • Great for family photos and fine art prints!
    • Ready in just 24 hours!


    Live, laugh, and love in the perfect way possible, with custom canvases from Digital Insight Printing. We provide you with a wide array of size options and styles, helping you construct the perfect product you are looking for. Not sure where to put your new canvas? Canvases fit perfectly in any office or at home, popping out and bringing 3D imagery to their audience. Upload your art today and see if a premier custom canvas is right for you. 

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    Custom Canvas Prints Las Vegas FAQs:


    What are edge wraps?


    Great question! Edge wrapping refers to the images on the sides of your canvas (the parts that you are not directly facing unless you look at it from the side). Edge wrapping the canvas in different ways allows for different effects so be sure to choose the one that works best for you. 


    What edge wrap options do you have?


    At the moment, we have four different options for how the sides of your custom wall canvas prints are presented.

    You can choose between, black, white, mirrored image, or full image. Black means that the borders will be completely black (just on the sides, not when you are facing the image) and white means the edges will be completely white.

    These options work best if your image contains a lot of full colors and not many images around the edges. If you decide on mirrored edges, your custom wall canvas art will now have a unique feel. With this edge style, the edges of the canvas reflect a portion of the front image to cover the sides of the canvas completely.

    This allows the image to blend and serve as an optical illusion. Lastly, full (or stretched) edges take a portion of the image on the front and stretch the image fully, pulling it along the side. Full edges create a slight warp on the side of the image and pull the onlooker into a more complete image. This style works great for landscapes or busy images with a lot of art on the front. 


    Do you have a frame or mount that comes with the canvas?


    Yes! We stretch and mount your canvas on 1” to 1.5” top-quality wood frames, allowing your custom print canvas to fit perfectly on any wall or surface you desire it on. 


    How to turn my pictures into canvas prints?


    If you are looking to create the custom canvas prints Las Vegas has around conference and event centers then look no further. Once we have your desired image, we construct a custom print on canvas for you.

    Simply upload your artwork directly on the website, view the image, and confirm that it looks perfect for printing. Regardless of if you are looking for custom large canvas prints or the best custom canvas prints around, Digital Insight Printing is here to provide the best for you! 


    Did my image print out correctly?


    If you are unsure if your custom size canvas print has printed out correctly, first view the artwork and see if your pictures have loaded correctly. If an image is shown and your personalized pictures on canvas are correct, then click the ‘My artwork is approved to print’ button.

    If your image is still not correct or needs review, click the button marked ‘My artwork needs review, pdf proof required.’ Moreover, if you are still having any problems, feel free to call us at (702) 792-3396


    Do canvases make great gifts?


    If you are looking for a long-lasting gift, then look no further. Whether you are going with a small personalized canvas, or a large personalized mother’s day canvas, you can be confident the recipient will love this!

    Providing someone you care about with a personalized photo canvas shows a personalized touch and gives them something to hold onto forever. Best of all, thanks to our large canvas printer, you can take oversized custom canvas prints and have the result still come out as a cheap personalized canvas for you, giving you an affordable gift option as well! 


    Do you offer same day canvas printing? 


    Yes! If you are running short on time and need to get your photo onto a canvas ASAP, we have you covered. As long as you place your order before noon (PST), we will be able to provide you with the same-day printing las vegas has at its finest!

    We will notify you when your order is finished. Our physical storefront location can be found at 159 North Gibson Road in the Henderson, NV (Las Vegas) area. 


    Can I order a 16x20 photo canvas from you?


    Although we provide a wide array of options, we do not have a 16” by 20” size available. However, we recommend trying an 18” by 18” rendering. This leaves the canvas looking more full for the user. Moreover, if you are looking for the wide canvas prints Las Vegas has, then we recommend a 12” by 18” or 24”. Both of these options will turn the picture into a large canvas in the perfect way possible, providing you the width and custom canvas printing you are looking for. 


    What other services do you provide?


    In addition to our custom canvas prints, and the photo canvas near me and you, Digital Insight Printing provides a wide array of products and services. This includes but is not limited to business cards, brochures, booklets, flyers, posters, stickers, banners, signs, greeting cards, and more! With all of these options, you are sure to find something you love!

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