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Design Tips for Great Printing!

What file format does Digital Insight Printing suggest?

Here at Digital Insight Printing we see just about everything when it comes to different file types, formats and resolutions.  Here are the tips that will get you the best printing results.

If you are scanning the images yourself from photographs it is best to save them in either tif, PDF or eps format.  These formats will provide the best printing results. Please do not use images or JPEG files that have been saved or taken from your website.  These image will generally be unuseable for commercial printing.  Website compress the images a great deal in order to make them faster to load.  Make sure your images are AT LEAST 300 DPI in resolution.
If you are scanning your own images, please use a resolution of at least 300dpi at the final dimensions you intend to use them so that your colors will look smooth, and hard objects will look sharp.

Do I need to send you my fonts?

If you save your file as a "flattened" PDF document then all of the images and fonts will be automatically blended into the document.  There is no need to send any additional items when you are ready to get your order printed.  Just send us the PDF file via the UPLOAD feature on our website. If you are working in Photoshop select the "layer" option and go down towards the bottom of the list.  Look for the item that says "flatten image."  You will want to do this AFTER your design is 100% completed.  Once you have flattened the image do a SAVE AS and give it a new file name.  That way you have your original "layered" version in case you need to go back and change something later. 

Send us the "flattened" version for printing through our website at

Will my printed piece look exactly like it does on my computer monitor?

Generally the answer is "no"  and here is why:

The image you are used to seeing on your computer screen is ALWAYS going to look a bit different when it is printed.  Think about are used to seeing it through a glowing, back lit, glass screen.  Now you will be seeing your images printed on a flat sheet of paper.  Light is being absorbed by the paper instead of being "projected" through the screen towards your eyes.

A general rule is that the image you see printed on paper will always appear a bit "darker" than it does on your computer screen. 


Bleed is the term for printing that goes right to the edge of the paper.   At Digital Insight Printing we require a 1/16th inch bleed "all around."  The way to do this is to make your document .125" too big in both dimensions. For instance, if the final size is 4" x 6" then make your document 4.25" x 6.125". Draw guides on the layout that are .125" from the edge all the way around. Now create your design with the idea that the layout will be cut off where those guides are....because that is precisely what is going to happen. Make sure that any pictures or backgrounds that you want to bleed go clear out to the perimeter of the document, past the guidelines. Then after we have printed your piece we will trim off that extra .125" all the way around.  Your image will have a clean edge and will look sharp!

Not Sure We Can Print From Your File?

If you are not sure that your file will work, you can send it to us and we can take a look at it on our end and give you some feedback before we go to print.

You can upload your file here: Upload Artwork

These tips will give you the best printing results wether your are desiging for CD, business cards, flyers, posters, rack cards or just about anything else. 

Good design and planning applies to all!

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